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Modular I/O Systems| KENDRION

The modular EtherCAT IO system is used in the field of building automation and data acquisition systems for decentralized distributions. With the variety of highly integrated modules with up to 32 inputs and outputs per module, all process data can be recorded and distributed in a space-saving way.

6270A Pressure Controller / Calibrator - Fluke Cal

The Fluke Calibration 6270A Pressure Controller / Calibrator is a robust, reliable solution that lets you dramatically simplify the task of pneumatic pressure calibration. Thanks to its modular design, it is so flexible that it can be configured to meet a wide variety of needs and budgets, and expanded to cover a very broad workload, at ...

Stant 12270 30 Pound Cooling System and Pressure Cap Tester

Stant 12270 30 Pound Cooling System and Pressure Cap Tester Stant 12270 pressure testers are durable, accurate, and easy to use. A full family of adapters insures usability on virtually any vehicle. Stant's 12270 pressure tester is designed to test cooling system and radiator/recovery bottle caps for nearly all vehicles on the road today.

LR72G - EXCELON Modular System Pressure regulators

EN 61373 +65°C (+150°F)-40°C (-40°F) LR72G - EXCELON® Modular System Pressure regulators 07/18 RW/en Our policy is one of continued research and development.

Modular Fuel Pressure Regulator - Aeromotive, Inc

P/N 13217: Modular Fuel Pressure Regulator Aeromotive's new Stackable Carbureted Fuel Pressure Regulators (P/N 13217). Ideal for carbureted nitrous engines, these regulators allow you to stack them together to control multiple pressures with a single fuel pump. The new Stackable Regulator is a clean, lightweight solution, ideal for nitrous engine combinations where unique pressures are desired ...

Modular Production Systems - EN FAB Inc

Modular systems can be comprised of many unit operations contained on a single skid or multiple skids that are connected on site to form a large process system. They are delivered as complete turnkey structures, that include all process equipment - pressure vessels, reactors, heat exchangers, pumps, instrumentation, wiring, valves and piping ...

SmarAct Modular System - SmarAct

Equipment needs to be adaptable to address new requirements and to reduce pressure on the projects budget. The SmarAct Modular System is a product concept which allows customers to adapt, modify and reconfigure even complex multi-axis positioning systems in the field, based on stringent modularity and intercompatibility between linear, rotation ...


Welcome to HYPERBARIC MODULAR SYSTEMS, INC. (HMS) For reliable solutions to your specific needs in clinical hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), HMS offers extensive experience designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining various sizes and configurations of clinical HBOT systems, diving systems and simulators, research incubators, and compressed air work (CAW) systems used …

3 reasons to choose a modular pressure calibrator | Fluke

If you decide that a modular system is the right solution for you, you will want to learn more about the Fluke Calibration family of modular pressure controller/calibrators: The 8270A measures and controls pressures from vacuum to 44 MPa (6400 psi). It can be configured with ranges as …

B82G - Excelon Plus Modular System General purpose filter ...

B82G - Excelon ® Plus Modular System General purpose filter/regulator en 8.105.350 02 04/20 Option selector *1) B82G– H H H – H H H– R H H *3) Outlet pressure can be adjusted to pressures in excess of, and less than, those specified. Do not use these units to control pressures …

Modular Systems - Prosysco Ltd

Modular Systems Modular skid fabrication methods for process systems places a traditional system design into a self-contained unit. Prosysco's team of engineers will design a system that is customized for your needs. One advantage a skidded system can bring is portability. A skid can be designed in a frame that can be lifted and moved […]

How Does a Pressure Tank on a Well Work? | Hunker

Jul 17, 2017· Because wells rarely have positive pressure, equipment is required to draw the water from the well. Well systems generally consist of the well itself, a pump, a pressure switch for automatic activation of the pump and a pressure tank. The pump sends water from the well to the pressure tank for temporary storage.

Three Reasons to Consider a Modular Pressure Control System

Three of the most common reasons to upgrade to a modular pressure system are: flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to use high-pressure gas to avoid contamination. Fluke Calibration offers the 8270A and 8370A Modular High-Pressure Controllers for those interested in a modern, modular system.

LV72G - EXCELON Modular System Pressure relief valves

LV72G - EXCELON® Modular System Pressure relief valves 2/18 RW/en 8.160.500.01 Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend,


Features and Benefits of Modular Systems. Complete pre-packaged modular system with automated valves, flow meter, pressure gauges and flow controls for simple permitting and installation; Strong technical support; Work closely with AdEdge to size, design and offer value-added engineering assistance and permitting support

Global Modular Pressure Regulator - P32R Series (Compact ...

P32R modular global compact regulators provide a convenient and low cost method to reduce a supplied air pressure to desired outlet pressure. P32R provides quick and accurate pressure regulation for the majority of industrial applications.

Sample conditioning systems for temperature and pressure ...

BP-60 Series High Pressure Back Pressure Regulators The BP-60 Series is the counterpart of the PR-50 pressure reducing series for systems that are higher in pressure and low to moderate flows. This regulator has a diaphragm for maximum sensitivity in providing relief at high pressures.

Cleanrooms Inter Lock Door Systems | Modular Cleanrooms By ...

An interlock door system prevents loss of pressure and allows the ventilation and air purification systems to operate optimally. At Total Clean Air, we are leaders in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art interlock systems for cleanrooms as well as …

Pressure measurement as a modular system – also for ...

The requirements are high on pressure sensors, which are used in pneumatic or hydraulic braking systems. This article shows that the use of pressure sensors "as a modular system" is expedient even due to these extended requirements.

High-pressure rail for common-rail systems

The rail pressure sensor (RPS) installed on the high-pressure rail communicates with the control unit. The transmitted pressure values serve to regulate the system pressure and control the injectors. The pressure control valve (PCV, PCVN) sets the system pressure supplied by the control unit in the rail. The pressure limiting valve (PLV ...

Modular Pressure Unloader - 7860 | Pumps

This Pressure Sensitive Regulating Unloader is a special modular design that mounts directly onto the manifold head of the plunger pump model series 66DX. This unloader maintains set system pressure while the gun is in use and drops to low pressure in by-pass when the trigger is released or an obstruction occurs downstream. 5-10% by-pass is ...

Modular Isolation Rooms | Negative Pressure Isolation ...

The main focus of Modular Isolation Rooms is to create a negative pressure environment to contain pathogens in one environment. In this case, the isolation room should have a lower pressure than the surrounding rooms, keeping airborne particles from flowing outward.

Modular Sampling Systems - CIRCOR Tech™ | CIRCOR

CIRCOR Tech™ is a certified manufacturer of modular sample systems and components for use with process analyzers to provide monitoring and closed loop control of chemical processes. The company's products include air actuated valves, double-block and bleed stream selection valves, and hazardous area approved diaphragm valves.

R74G, R74R - EXCELON Modular System Pressure regulators

R74G, R74R - EXCELON® Modular System Pressure regulators Our policy is one of continued research and development. We therefore reserve the right to amend, en without notice, the specifications given in this document.

Medium- and High-Pressure Tubing | Swagelok

Swagelok offers cold-drawn 316 stainless steel, nominal OD, medium-pressure tubing with working pressures up to 20 000 psig (1378 bar) for use with medium-pressure fittings, as well as high-pressure tubing rated up to 60 000 psig (4134 bar) for use with high-pressure fittings.

Modular Drills

Modular Drills KenTip FS The new modular drill KenTIP™ FS covers more applications and provides better performance than any other modular system, delivering substantial cost savings and process simplifications on your shop floor.

Solutions - Modular Chiller Plants

Our modular chiller plant is a complete, UL-listed, integrated, factory engineered and manufactured system utilized in conventional building cooling systems using chilled water as the cooling medium. We design and build our modular chiller plants to deliver a comfortable and sustainable building environment for the facility owners.

Commercial Self-Contained Modular Series

Static Pressure Versus Acoustics Design the system to minimize the total static pressure required from the self-contained unit fan. Typically a change in static pressure of only 0.5 inches can reduce NC level by approximately 2 or 3 in the occupied space. Isolation Recommendations Unit The unit fan and compressors are internally isolated.

Modular Cleanroom | Terra Universal

Mirror-finished panel includes light and fan controls, internal pressure gauge Control Panel for Hardwall Modular Cleanrooms Mirror-finished panel includes light and fan controls, night service switch (to reduce power when not occupied), internal pressure gauge; environmental monitoring system …

CNG Energy Solutions | Modular Fueling System

The Perfect Behind-the-Fence Solution . CNG Energy Solutions is a pioneer in advancing technology for CNG Systems. The Development of the 50CGS and 100CGS modular compressor systems answered the market need for scale-ability, portability and affordable small to mid fleet fueling:

Composite Pressure Vessels | Steelhead Composites

composite pressure vessels Steelhead's composite pressure vessels, or composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) are lightweight, high pressure cylinders for holding compressed gasses. We design, manufacture and test vessels across a wide variety of sizes and pressures.

Port size: 1/4" or 3/8" > Push to lock (ISO G/PTF ...

R72˙-˙˙K-˙˙˙ R72G, R72R - EXCELON® Modular System Pressure regulators 05/18 en 8.160.20001 Our policy is one of continued research and development.

HVAC Design in Modular Office Systems - STARRCO

Pre-charged Modular Central HVAC. Starrco's exclusive modular office design allows us to provide a complete self-contained central air conditioning and heating system for any office larger than 800 square feet. What makes the system unique is the installation can be handled by anyone.

Modular Dry Vacuum Systems -

Unparalleled System Performance . Low cost of ownership - no effluent cost, mechanically efficient Environmentally friendly - energy efficient due to lower power consumption in operating range Reliable performance - smooth and robust Flexible vacuum - any pressure between blank off (0.02 Torr/0.03 mbar) and atmospheric pressure Easy to install - integrates with plant controls